’s not just for pancakes!

MMSA_maple for everything.png

When most of us think of maple syrup, we of course think of using it for our pancakes and waffles...but have you ever considered other ways you could use this delectable sweet treat

Open your mind to the possibilities.  How about ice cream, salmon, or sweet potatoes? Mind blown, right?  You mean to say I can enhance many of my favorite recipes with maple syrup?!

Yes!  Absolutely - you can use maple syrup, maple sugar or maple cream in, or on some of your favorite foods.

Here are a few examples:

  • Grilling - Want a whole different experience with your salmon? Grilled or baked salmon with maple syrup or maple sugar on top, brings out just a little bit of sweetness with the bold flavor of the fish. Delicious!

  • Vegetables - A few favorites of note:  Carrots - Boil them with a little syrup in the water. Brussels sprouts - mix them up in some maple syrup and broil them for a perfect savory/sweet balance.

  • Baking - Have a favorite pie recipe?  Make it with maple sugar as a sweetener for a new twist and then top it off with a dusting of maple sugar as well. Or simply top off your cinnamon rolls and corn bread with maple cream...yes...maple cream folks - you’ll never look back!

  • Beverages - Here is a tip just for adults:  Instead of simple syrup as your cocktail sweetener, try using pure maple syrup in your preferred drink. By the way - it’s great mixed in coffee, too!

Are you inspired by all the ways you can incorporate maple products into your cooking and baking?  We would love to hear your ideas. Tell us how you use maple to create a feast of flavors!