Fall is here! What is going on with Maple?

MMSA_maple in fall.png

Fall is a beautiful time of year and for some reason, many people think that’s when maple syrup is made. Perhaps it has something to do with those gorgeous maple leaves turning red, orange, and yellow that has everyone thinking the sap should be running. Well, sorry to break it to you, but syrup season is right on that edge of winter leaving and spring coming on the scene.

Think of it as that light at the end of the tunnel. You are finally coming through the hard cold winter and anxiously anticipating spring which hasn’t quite arrived. Trees are still leafless, there are remnants of snow and sometimes even mud all throughout the woods. Can you think of anything better to do during this seasonal transition other than make maple syrup?!

The weather conditions are just right for the sap to flow during this transitional time from winter to spring, as opposed to in the fall. After a long winter’s rest, the trees have built up sugar in the sap. When it starts to warm up above freezing at winter’s end and the cusp of spring’s beginning, the sap can start flowing throughout the tree. That’s when the magic happens. Sugarmakers start tapping trees and making maple syrup. (For a more detailed look at this process click here.)

So, what about maple in the fall? Well it’s a great time to enjoy the outdoors and visit your local Sugarhouse against the backdrop of the incredible colors nature puts on display this time of year. Here is an idea - get fresh apples from your local orchard, cut them up, and dip them in some fresh Maple Cream. You will ‘fall’ in love with this delicious treat! Enjoy!

Visit your local sugarmaker to try all kinds of tasty maple treats!